A Little Time Off


It was nice to come back home and not start up training full time again. I knew my body needed a break. I was also starting up classes again at DeVry University so it was good to have more time to get all of my homework done. I decided to go home and get away from the training center for a little bit. I feel that it is a little difficult to be there and not want to train all the time. I also had some family and friends that I wanted to go visit on my off time that I hadn’t seen in a while. I visited my friend Brittany Warly in Boulder as well as some other old friends.

football-field sammy-and-friendIt was great being able to catch up with them and spend some time in Boulder. During full time training with school and work it can be hard to really have much of a social life or go see my friends and family especially if they aren’t living near Colorado Springs. Being able to spend some time with friends in boulder and family members while home in Littleton was great and they are always such a great support system for me which I kinda needed after worlds.

fall-mountainsI also took a short road trip and went to Telluride for the first time for Kara and Russ’s wedding. I had met Kara while going through my hip rehab while she was rehabbing her knee from surgery she had shortly before me. She was such a great inspiration to me during my rehab with her positive attitude and never-ending energy. Sure we had our bad days and struggled, but it was so nice to have her around to help with getting through those times. Russ is an athlete as well and I got to know him while he was training at the training center in the springs as well.

wedding1Telluride was beautiful with all of the leaves changing for fall. The town was so cute and the wedding was up in the mountains at Schmidd Ranch. I had a wonderful time and was happy I got to be a part of their special day.

Once I got back from Telluride it was back to the OTC and full time training. The break was nice and much needed mentally and physically. Our season starts off pretty slow in December and starts to kick up at the end of February with about one to two international events until the end of August and beginning of September which means a long season with a lot of traveling. I love being able travel around the world and compete, but it sure is nice to get a quick break to catch up on things and with family and friends.

wedding2I am still working on keeping a balance in my life between all of the training, school, work, and finding time for friends and family as well as taking care of myself and getting some rest. I am looking forward to getting back into training and the season to come leading up to Rio in 2016!